Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Mandatory Pumpkin Patch Photos

It is time once again to be brutally honest with myself about my hair. I cannot pull off long hair and I hate it. I don't like short hair on me but when my hair gets to a certain point I just stop doing it and only wear it in a pony. I try and try and try to grow my hair long but I just can't make it look good. Bummer. I didn't want my hair to get shorter the older I got, but here we are. I am coming up on my 33 birthday and hair past my shoulders makes me look tired. Or perhaps I should be even more brutally honest with myself and admit something much worse. I once read a book called "Hanging Up" and the main character kept changing her hair and complaining about it then finally her sister said to her, -it is not you hair you don't like it is your face. I am pretty sure I don't like my face.
Sorry that is so typical of me, here we have a bunch of beautiful photos of my kids in the most perfect setting and I turn it into some kind of self declaration, epiphany, philosophical moment. I think I might be annoying, or it is just after 9pm and I am getting tired and loopy.
Here is all I should have written in this post.
We went to the pumpkin patch on Monday. It was fun. We got 2 really big orange pumpkins and the boys picked out a little white one for Auri. I was able to resist the gingerbread cookies. (yawn, are you bored yet? I know I am)
Here is the photo of me with semi-long hair that I don't like.


Kiran said...

Hill, I love the picture of you in the grey sweater. Looking GOOD. Ari is such a cutie, pigtails and all!

JAG said...

Is Auri's hair in piggies??? Loved all the pics!

And yes, I feel like they are manditory too. :)

Becky said...

Forget your hair--and your face--for a minute. Look how skinny you look in that picture! Love the pumpkin photos.

JAG said...

PS I love your face!!! Have you seen Kiran's Blog header??? Your face is the skinniest of all of ours.

You look like me, so I take great offence to that comment!