Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's a beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I love this time of year. I wish October was 60 days long. I love all the Halloween specials on tv, mainly the Simpson's, I love the apple spice air freshener in my living room, I love seeing pumpkins outside every grocery store, I love the crisp chill in the air, not too cold but not hot. I love school and all the fun activities. I love the FALL!

On Saturday it felt like out whole neighborhood was out raking their leaves.
What a beautiful day in the neighborhood.


JAG said...

Grace saw Auri's picture and started yelling her name. She said that Auri looks like her!

Becky said...

Seeing the picture of your house reminded me of something Max said the other day when we was over here. We were in the back yard and he said, "You need to paint your house."

To which I replied, "We have vinyl siding so we just get to have boring brown."

"I like my house. It's blue".

So know you totally scored the right color in the mind of your 4 year old.