Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Style

I went shopping on Friday and I got stuff that was totally out of the ordinary and completely not me....dresses. I was actually looking for a bathing suit, which I got but I am not posting photos for obvious reasons, and I ended up getting a dress while helping pick one out for a friend. I am much more of a skirt and shirt kind of a girl. I don't think I have owned a dress since my freshmen year of college, but the dress was $12.99 and it is summer so I thought what the heck. I also got the blue one to go over my bathing suit. The bathing suit looks o.k. It is sporty, it is Nike, it looks like a tank top and boy shorts and I should be able to really swim in it this weekend with the boys.

My bathing suit is underneath the dress.

Will someone please take 3 inches off my hair.


Kiran said...

Typing from danny's IPhone :). Hill, you make me want to rethink my stance on dresses! Lookin good babs. I love steppin out on the wild side.

jaydubdub said...

I love the black & white one, esp. with the boots. And the blue one is so cute! You look great! :)

kassie said...

Cuteness! I love dresses! Definately my favorite item in my closet! Love the blue one! I want it!