Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Post Mortem Apology

I love a good brunch. It is early enough in the day that I feel like I can order what ever I want and not feel guilty because I have all day to work it off. Well, the other day some friends and I who were all reading the same book called Femininity, by Susan Brownmiller, one of the pioneers of the feminist movement, went to Beasuas in Portland. Brunch was amazing! I had the french toast and oatmeal. The conversation was great, we talked about the book, which was about the history of purpose of beauty, who defines beauty men or women, why women want to be beautiful for the attention of men or other women, does beauty matter to God, does is matter to kids, and many many more things of that nature. Why is thin considered beautiful in some era's but not others, why do women bind their feet and wear corsets, when did it become socially acceptable even considered edgy and rebellious to have short hair, wear pants, and have ambition. It was a great discussion and a great brunch. The funny thing is, the afternoon emails. Whenever we get together there is always a flurry of post mortem of apology emails. It's hilarious. I have my theories as to why, here are a few:
1. Women have an inherent nature to not want to hurt people's feelings.

2. When we get together we are just so excited we just don't think before we speak, thus we say stupid things. ( I am mostly speaking for myself here)

3.The conversation gets so deep that it takes a long time to process and when you finally have you can send out an email saying what you "really meant".

4. You just really like these people and hope beyond hope that you'll be invited to the next lunch.

Nonetheless, I have to say, the post mortem emails are some of my favoite parts of the lunch. It is funny to see how people thought they were being offensive. To be honest have never been offended by any of the things they were apologizing for, but they are still fun to read, I hope they keep coming and I hope I keep getting invited back.

In Femininity Brownmiller called the bob haircut "an anguished act of rebellion".

My ideal hair-cut in a perfect world.


Becky said...

LOVE the pics! I honestly thought that was a picture of you for a second with the blonde hair. Is that the girl from 24? I think you could totally pull it off! Those emails are my total guilty pleasure too.

jaydubdub said...

That sounds SO FUN!!! (And I love brunch, too.) The apologetic e-mails are funny, and I think you're right on all counts about why they happen. I even do that with blogs--mine and other people's. (Did I say that right? Did they know what I MEANT?) Sounds like a great book. I just got done reading "Susan B. Anthony: in her own words," which was really great. It was interesting to read some of the original "feminist" thoughts and the things that drove her movement. And now we wear pants, have jobs, have a right to our own property and children, and vote!
P.S. I agree with Becky--your hair is SO gorgeous, but I definitely think you could pull of that blonde gal's "do"!!