Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a man what a man what a mighty good man

For Mother's Day Spencer gave me what I wanted most. A 4 hour break from being a mother, and I used that break wisely on Saturday. I went into downtown Portland and shopped my little heart out. I tried things on that were too expensive that I could never afford, I didn't just shop the sales racks I looked at the new stuff too, I let the sales people help me and call me by my first name and bring me stuff to try on. It was a great day. Spence really knows how to treat me right. And as an added bonus, yesterday he went and got some take-and-bake pizza's for today, he even said he's going to bake them. So at the risk of looking like a bragger, here is what I did for Mother's Day.

I love downtown Portland. It takes me exactly 22 minutes to get there, that includes parking.
I decided to see if I could find shoes to go with my new Banana outfit. I did!

I took these while driving across the I-5 Bridge coming back into Washington. It was so beautiful, I just couldn't resist. I wasn't looking into the camera, I just held up the camera and pushed the button.

I got myself some new perfume from Banana and some new shoes from Nordstrom Rack. Heaven forbid anything should happen to Spence, but if it does, a Mr. Steve Madden will be my back-up plan. Let's just say the man knows his way around my foot.

This is what I wore on Mother's Day.

I went with the blue, and I always look down in these
photos because my hair and makeup aren't done.

Holly, I know you are probably thinking I need a belt.


kassie said...

I love the skirt with those shoes! I have some shoes just like them and wear them ALL the time...I mean once a week...the only day I look decent. Four hours of shopping!!!! You do have a mighty good man and you are a braggar!!!! Ha ha ha! Good for you Hill.

JAG said...

Let's just hope Steve's not gay.

Much love Happy Mother's Day.

So jealous.

jwise said...

What an awesome mother's day!! Good thing Spencer knows you so well! I have to say, I love all the pictures you took of Portland and the Columbia. I miss it!!!! They were so good to see!

Kiran said...

New perfume!? LUCKY! I bet you smell as sexy as you look. Not that you are trying to look sexy, it just happens :)