Monday, May 3, 2010

Spencer's 34th Birthday

We celebrated Spencer's 34th birthday this weekend. On Saturday we had our usual favorite date, dinner and a book store. We went to one of our favorite restaurants in Portland's Pearl District, oBa! It was amazing as usual, Spencer's parents actually took us out to dinner which was fun. Then we went to Powells Book store for a couple hours after that. Spencer got a business book and I got several Newberry Medal Award winners in the Juvenile Fiction section. I hope they are good. I don't know anything about them, but it was Powell's and you can buy used for 2$ a book, so what the heck.

On Sunday I made him a special dinner, one that Becky L made for us the first time we got together, I like to call it our first date. It was chili-rubbed chicken with mango and black bean salsa, served over saffron rice. (see Heidi's recipe below) It turned out pretty well. And for dessert Spence had his annual lemon cake. It was a pretty low-key birthday, he said it was one of his favorites. It seems like the older he gets the less he wants and the less it takes to please him. That is just one of the things I like about him. So I'd thought I'd make a list, not of the top 5 things I like about him, but of the:

5 things I am glad I have never had to say to him in our 8 years of marriage.


4. Take out the Trash

3. Pay the bills

2. Mow the lawn.

1. No thanks, I don't want another kid.

PS, just in case you were wondering, my blood is almost thinned out. Thanks for all your well wishes.


JAG said...

loved the list of what you have never had to say to him.


thanks for picking us up again!!

jwise said...

What a fun birthday. Awesome he's so easy to please, too. I loved the 5 things you've never had to say to him--those are too funny. (And GREAT!)

P.S. Glad your health is on the upswing, too.

Mark and Karen said...

My two favorite places in Portland are Oba and Powell's Book so that is my kind of birthday. Did you try the fried avacado or the crab cakes? They're my fav.

I'm so glad your blood is cooperating. I had no idea you have to constantly worry about that. I'm the opposite, I have to worry that my blood isn't too thin.