Thursday, November 12, 2009

My 33rd birthday

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday and it was eventful to say the least. The day began with Max throwing up at 4am, if I were a novice, I would have been devastated and wondering why motherhood was so hard and dirty, but as a veteran (it was Nov.11 ) I was not even phased by it. I just did laundry from about 4am-8am and then it was business as usual. Spencer gave me one gift before work, it was Zuma's Revenge, a computer game I play. I think he gave it to me early to keep the boys entertained until I could go out with my friends. It worked.
Spencer took these right before I went out to lunch. It is so fitting. Max, attached to me at the waist, Warren in combat mode and Auri somewhat indifferent to what was going on.

Amy's chocolate cake. SOOO AMAZING!
We went to my annual Buffalo Wild Wings.
It was wonderful loud, entertaining, and delish.
This is what opening my presents looks like every year on my birthday and on Christmas.
The boys do it for me.

Carla got me my annual pumpkin, my favorite one so far. I love it!

Carla also got me an advent calendar, it is made of wood and the boys have been asking to put candy in it since last night. Something tells me that the candy won't last until Christmas. I wonder what else I could put in there. Maybe baby orniments for Auri's little christmas tree.

These are the ornaments that the boys picked out for me, they were perfect. Also Spencer got me a Christmas tree for the boys room. I have always told them they could have one, well this year they actually get one. I am really excited to decorate it. That will make a total of 4 Christmas trees in our house. I have to get one for Auri's room and I have one for the living room and one for the family room. I'll take pictures when the time comes. My parents, Holly and Brian and I went out to dinner at "Beaches". Again, it was amazing,
great food, great company, great service and great birthday gifts.
This is the jacket Holly picked out for me. LOVE IT!

A couple of days ago I lost my wedding rings, I called my Mom in a panic and she told me that she was very good at finding rings and other small lost items. She found it in about 30 minutes, (I had been looking most of the day). She found them in my jewelery cleaner bottle. So for my birthday my parents got me a small jewelery box to put to put my rings in.
Holly, Brian, my Dad, me and my Mom.


Kiran said...

the jacket looks so awesome! max needs to give me some of the lovin', what a sweetie. the VIP was very impressive.

Mark and Karen said...

Sorry your day started with throw-ups. :(

So, I totally LOVE the game Zuma! I have the old version and played a trial version of the new one. It was sooooo fun!

Glad your day turned out great.

JAG said...

Happy B-day again. What a fun time.