Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Top 5 things I like about Thanksgiving

1. cranberry sauce and eggnogg
2. the black Friday adds
3. hanging in the kitchen with my Mom
4. watching a Christmas movie that night
5. My Most favorite is that every year on Thanksgiving morning Spencer and I go out to breakfast! We have done this about 4 years in a row, last year we went to Elmers, we sit and talk and talk and talk. We talk about the highlights of this past year and what will happen next year. We talk about Christmas, work, marriage, health and a million other things. Seriously, we take 2 hours. We would order appetizers and dessert if we could to make it last longer. It is one of my favorite holiday traditions.

I don't have that many Thanksgiving decorations, but I did inherit this big turkey plate from my Gram and I pulled it out on Saturday while we were cleaning out the garage.

To transition from Halloween into Thanksgiving I just turn my pumpkins around.
It gets the job done.

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Kiran said...

I'm thankful for no guilt eating during this holiday... That plate is awesome, you know Leslie had the match at her house. Seriously though, I'm thankful for Danny and how awesome he is, and that we have another year down.