Sunday, November 8, 2009

Photos of my past 14 Birthdays

Sorry, this is a long post, but it is my 33rd birthday this week and whenever it is a holiday it makes me reflect on what I was doing last year and in this case, the past 14 years. I have to say, birthdays get better the older I get, I think it may be because I have lower expectations and I do what I really want. The top 5 things I love most about my birthday are

1. Seeing what Holly gets me. She gets me things that make me look cooler than I am.

2. Sharing my birthday with my Dad.

3. Opening the gifts from my kids. Spencer takes them shopping and they pick out a gift for me. It tells me so much about what they think of me.

4. Getting a new Christmas album.

5. Amy's chocolate cake.

2008 BIRTHDAY 32

Just last year we went to Buffalo Wild wings and ordered 7 kind of wings. It is the only time a year I go to that place, I don't know why I like it so much, maybe because it is loud there and I am kind of loud, they also play great music.

I love the look on Warren's face when I open his presents. He is so eager to make me happy. Last year he got me pencils.

2007 BIRTHDAY 31
I was pregnant with Auri, but it was a good day. I met Holly and my sister-in-law Amy for lunch at the Burger King on Terwilliger (it has a huge play structure for the kids) I also had lunch the previous Saturday at the Spaghetti Factory with my friends and I had dinner at a German restaurant to celebrate my Dad turning 60. It was a good day.

Lunch at Burger King

Warren's gift to me, again look at his face.

This was the first year in my ward and

these are some of my friends and I at the Spaghetti Factory.

2006 BIRTHDAY 30

We were in Aberdeen this year just before I moved to Vancouver. This is Max and I on my parents front porch.
My red velvet cake.

2005 BIRTHDAY # 29
I can't find any photos of my actualy birthday, but what I do remember is that Spencer and I had reservations for the Marriott in Seattle that weekend. My parents were going to come down and watch the boys, but Warren woke up that day throwing up everywhere, so we stayed home and got take-out from P.F. Chang's. So no photos. This photo was taken about 2 weeks later.

2004 BIRTHDAY #28

Leland got married on November 11, so that day we celebrated my birthday in Venice Beach and going to the L.A. Temple. That night we also went to Santa Monica shopping a little too. It was a great birthday.
2003 BIRTHDAY 27

Spencer was out of town for this birthday, he got back at about 10 at night and brought me some lemon cake. But I do remember having lunch at Maire Calendars that day with my friend Meg.

2002 BIRTHDAY 26
I was about 7 months pregnant with Warren in this photo. We celebrated in Aberdeen.

2001 BIRTHDAY 25

This photo was taken November 10th. It is actually our engagement photo.

We had a birthday dinner in Aberdeen

2000 BIRTHDAY 24

This was my last semester of college in Utah. Kiran is pregnant with Savanna in this photo and the woman in the photo is her mother-in-law Patty. She made me a birthday dinner and cake. I didn't have that many friends in college. I don't know why.

1999 BIRTHDAY 23
Leland and I. For this birthday Kiran and I went shopping at Costco.

1998 BIRTHDAY 22
I drove down to California to meet my Dad and we celebrated with his Mom,
otherwise known as Gram.

MISSING PHOTO 1997 BIRTHDAY 21, I lived in New York, I can't find that photo, which is too bad because I remember I went to Wall Street and Rockefeller Plaza, bought myself a new Christmas album and my roommate Cass bought me the EVITA soundtrack. It was really one of my favorite birthdays.

1996 Birthday 20
I don't have any photos of me on my birthday for this one either, but I do remember shopping in downtown Salt Lake and Holly bringing me home a Boston cream pie from Marie Calendars where she was waiting tables. I do have a photo of Holly and I on her birthday wich is only a few weeks later.
1995 Birthday 19
This is my first birthday away from home at BYU-Hawaii. It was a great day. Kass, Angie and I went to the beach and Angie took me to a pizza restaurant on the North Shore. I think later that night we did our nails while doing laundry.

Above- Angie,
Below -Kass

I know this is a really long post and it seems really self centered, but I eventually want to print all these blog pages and use them as a journal. This might be reaching a little, but Ilike to think Auri will really like these photos, I know I do. Do you remember your past 14 birthdays? Any favorites to share?


JAG said...

Two things:

This is one of my favorite posts of all time. Very impressive you could even find all these photos! Loved all the comments and read EVERY word.

You just get prettier and better with age!! The proof is in the picture, as you would agree!

See you WED!!!

Kiran said...

I bought you a birthday present yesterday, Dad too. I love this post you are so pretty and have a light in your eyes. One of my favorite birthdays was in Las Vegas visiting the Sullivans'. Danny gave me money to go shopping and Kristen made my favorite (Spaghetti and Meatballs)... It was a fun Day. Happy Early Birthday!!!

Mama Nirvana said...

Happy Birthday! I also love to celebrate in really loud places, because I tend to be very loud. Enjoy your day!


Meg Asay said...

I am amazed that you can remember that far back. Happy Birthday. I can barely remember what I did for my last birthday let alone 14 ago.

JAG said...

Happy B-day again!! Had a great dinner.... hope to see a picture of you and your tights soon!