Thursday, August 26, 2010

Break something Everyday

That was what my Dad used to say to us kids when we were little. My Grandparents used to call us the wrecking crue. I didn't get it until I had my own kids. Now I TOTALLY get it. But this week I fixed almost everything that was broken for the bargain price of $2.99!!!! This summer my kids broke my necklace, my Nikon, and the new Nintendo DS that we bought. Auri broke the necklace while playing with it, there were beads everywhere, my bad, I know I shouldn't have let her near it, but she was eyeing it all day and it was so cheap, how could I deny her that little joy. I went to the Craft Store and bought a new strand for $2.99. Not bad.

Max broke his DS, I have no idea how, but I got online and figured out how to ship it back with a pre-paid shipping label, it will be fixed under warranty.

I think the kids broke my camera, not sure, could have been me, but I took it into a camera store and had them give me an estimate, they just re-adjusted the lens, and now it works!

This, however, is all new. This is today's mess and I have no idea how to get this out of the carpet.

I'm glad it's in my office and not in the living room, and below is Auri's look of shame. I didn't even get that mad at her, she was just trying to paint her nails red, I can appreciate that.


jww said...

Wow, I'm impressed you got all that stuff fixed! The electronics especially kind of scare me because I wouldn't know where to start. The nail polish looks a little scary to take care of, too. I have no idea how to get that out of carpet. I think the picture of Auri is really sweet--you can tell she feels bad! I always feel like that's its own punishment, when they actually ARE really sorry. If you figure out how to get it out of the carpet, share, because I would be curious to know if it's possible!

Jaren and Emily Glover said...

Hey Hillary! Have you ever heard of Goof Off? It's the best stuff! It will remove nail polish and paint from clothes, furniture, and I'm sure carpet. I don't remember where I've gotten it but it's always been at a store I normally go to. Make sure it's Goof Off and not Goo Gone...two completely different things. Be careful using it on a wooden desk though because it can take the finish off. Good luck!

kassie said...

Ooooow that last little mess hurts to look at. Just a little too close to home! I need to post about our doozy of a mess this week...Way to go on handling it with I dare ask if it came out? I think I get less mad at my girls because they are almost always trying to be like me...Aurie is too cute. Who doest need a good DIY pedi every so often?