Monday, August 9, 2010


We took Max to Lagoon and it's adjoining water park Lagoon-a-Beach for his 5th birthday, I generally don't like to keep track of how much fun things cost for my kids birthdays but this was hard to ignore. We still had a great time but I hope he likes a homemade cake and a pinata full of tootsie rolls because that's all I'll be able to afford next year.

3 adults 42.95 = $128.85
2 kids 37.95 = $75.95
(we did have a 30.00 coupon)
Lockers =$10
Pool Locker =$5
Lunch =$20
Cotton Candy $3. 95
Churro =$3.95
Icee 3 @ $5 =$15
Henna tattoo =$7
Games 4 @ $5 =$20
Parking = $10

Max's Birthday Party when we got back to his Grandparents house.

His Transformers cake.


Becky said...

I'm totally impressed you got a henna tatoo! Love it. Thanks for coming over and the b-day gifts. I feel spoiled and I'm excited to see if I can be cool enough to rock aviator glasses.

Nate and Rachael's Family said...

That hurts!!! We hardly spent that much all last year and we went like 7 times! Season tickets are such a good deal - and I'm a cheapo mom who always packs a cooler and won't spring for anything at the concessions. Dad on the other hand always wants his DP and to play a game at rip off booths so everyone gets to play, so 5 minutes and $20 later we all have blow up bats to wack eachother with on the drive home!

jww said...

I hear ya on the $$$. That stuff adds up SO fast!! Looks like he had a GREAT time! :) Fun pictures!!

kassie said...

Wow!!! Lagoon a bling is right! Get this mom took me, my kids and Kyles two girls to the MATINEE of toy story 3...$80! We better get used to it! Nice tat...Im thinking of getting mine fixed! But Im not joking. Your so lucky you missed that outing.