Sunday, August 8, 2010

Smitten Kitten

When it comes to newborn babies I don't get all that excited. Sadly, that includes my own, I start to really like them when they start to smile, hold a spoon, talk etc., but Will's new born baby had me at hello. I was absolutely smitten with this baby. Will kept talking about how good he was and I was like "yea, yea, I'm sure he's great, so what's new on your iPod" But when I saw him I was so smitten. This past week we went down to Utah for the baby blessing of William Owen Anderson, here are some of the photos outside of Will's church.


JAG said...

good gracious your title scared the crud out of me.... i thought you bought a cat!!!

thank heavens you were only talking about owen.

ps-i'm taking credit for how stellar you look, the belt and necklace?!?!? you look fab.

jww said...

That is so cool. I have to say, there is just something about watching your sibling be a parent.