Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Summer List Update

My Pretzel Making didn't go as well as I had planned. They looked prettier on the website and I really need a pastry brush from Williams Sonoma but I never get one because I always say I don't need one, I'll never use it, and there are so many other things I'd rather have for $24 like a new shirt, 2 items at ULTA or a lunch date with friends, but I have needed a pastry brush at least 5 times this summer. Anyways, that wasn't my biggest problem, I think the rolling process was (I hate to roll pastry dough by hand, as you can see by the fact the all the pretzels are different sizes) and the boiling process was. Oh well. Maybe I'll have better luck with the Molasses bread.

But the Portland Art Museum was wonderful. Although to be honest, you don't realize how many nude people are painted in a museum until you go through it with your 5 year old niece. The Genesis exhibit was interesting. The Illustrator "Crumb" wrote out the whole text of Genesis like a comic book and illustrated it. It was a bit irreverent and offensive, but interesting to see his take on the events. He said he was an atheist but there is probably no book of fiction better written than the book of Genesis, it is an amazing work of plots characters, stories, messages and themes so I see why he choose that particular book to do his "comic book".

I'm glad I went, I'm glad it was on my list others wise I wouldn't have gone. I think I will make it an annual thing, every July I will go to the Portland Art Museum.

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jww said...

I'm the same way with a pastry brush. It seems so unnecessary and I'd always rather spend the $$ on something else. And then I need it and don't have it. I'm glad you got to the art museum, too. COOL! I have felt the same way before--didn't realize there were so many nudes 'til I had my kids with me. And I do think it's impressive you're checking off so many things from your summer list, whether they turn out perfect or not. Still cool.